There are lots of sayings that promote always trying to learn something new. Some people believe that you don't have to try to pick up new knowledge while others think that it should be something that you strive to do. And while you might not be interested in learning a new language or going to a furniture making show to learn how to build your own hall bench, there might be times in your career when it will significantly help you to pick up some new knowledge or get some sort of certification.

If you're not currently working or are interested in getting training that is outside of your industry, then there are a few different places that you can look for it. There are some job training centres that will offer you the basics that you need for some jobs. While you might not be able to master new software here, you can learn to use computer programs like Excel and Powerpoint and might be able to gain some skills that would be useful in a manufacturing position. You might also want to look at your local college and see if there are any grant programs that can help you pay for it.

Those that are currently working and might require extra training to be able to use a new skill or want to move up to management might have some great options when it comes to training and development. There are lots of companies that encourage their employees to gain new skills and will pay for your tuition into a college class or other program that is associated with your job. Or, you might find that attending a lecture or a conference on new technology could really help you at your job. If you mention this to your boss then you might be able to get time off work with pay and have your travel expenses covered.

When it comes to gaining more knowledge in your field, you will usually find that your employer wants you to do all you can. Getting more training is also something that can help you get promoted or move from a job that you don't like into something you might love. If you're thinking of working with your hands instead of working at an office, for instance, then you can get certified in a matter of months or could set up an apprenticeship to work in an auto body shop. There are so many opportunities out there to learn more and possibly to move ahead in your career with that additional knowledge and training.

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