One of the best things about the internet is that no matter what you need, there's someone out there you can connect to online who can help you. Need to buy a loft? Most real estate agents have a web presence. Need to find out what zebras eat? Zoologists contribute to Wikipedia. Need some help finding gardening supplies such as tree pruner rope? There are experts in the field such as Braids and Laces Ltd. out there providing services. If you're having issues with your career, some guidance may not be a bad idea.

There are now so many different kinds of careers that all require specialized training that it can be very nerve wracking and stressful to try and choose one right out of high school. At that point, you've only just figured out who you are. How can you be expected to know whether you want to be a dentist or a fighter pilot at that point in your life? Career guidance counselors can help you by giving you some career suggestions that mesh well with your personality, goals, and interests.

Even people who have already started down the path that leads to a career may need some help now and then. Take, for instance, the mathematics major who has just realized that the only end result of his study path is a professorship - and he doesn't like public speaking. A visit to the career counselor can help him figure out if he wants to try and improve his public speaking ability or try and shift his studies into a more solitary line of work, such as becoming an actuary or a statistician.

Sometimes, even people who have been working in their job for years will suddenly have a crisis and realize that they're in the wrong line of work and want to do something else. A career guidance counselor can help that person figure out what they really want to do and give them some options for pursuing that new path. They can also help people who cannot switch jobs find balance and reconciliation in the rest of their lives that makes their work bearable or even fun.

Career guidance counselors are on staff at every high school and university, but are generally available only to students. If you want to switch jobs and still afford your mortgage, you'll need to find a professional. You can get access to one online through websites like and, through your local employment center, or you can ask your doctor, therapist for a recommendation. Remember, though: in the end career counselors only help you figure out what you want. They cannot hand you easy answers

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